Thursday, March 3, 2016

Let's talk about makeup traditions

Normally when somebody post a makeup blog, they give you advice about products. This isn't going to be that type of blog. I couldn't begin to tell you what the best products are. I normally slap on a coat of mascara and maybe some bronzer.  However, I was going through some of my 'getting ready' bridal pictures and it made me wonder about bridal makeup around the world. So I did some quick research and found a few interesting brides.

I found an Indian bride with beautiful jewels along her brow-line (known as a bridal Bindi), a traditional Javanese bride from Indonesia with Ngerik (in which hair and makeup is used to create the design shown on the brides forehead) and a bride from Ethiopia with a red clay and butter mixture on her skin. All of these brides are so beautiful! I love looking into other cultures and learning about their traditions.

Let me know in the comment section below what your wedding traditions are. I would love to hear from you!  

Saturday, February 20, 2016


The sun is fighting its way through this dark and damp autumn season. I am noticing little bulbs starting to bud up throughout my garden and at local parks. Spring is just a few short months away and I am getting so excited. Despite the cold air that blows by and the daily rain showers, the signs of spring are showing throughout Seattle - and that's good enough for me.

Let the flowers blossom and the sun shine bright.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunset Wedding

Once in a while I get to be the guest of a wedding, instead of just the photographer. However, I can't attend a wedding without a camera in hand. duh!

Today, we got to celebrate our dear friends Nick and Kitty. It was a beautiful wedding, location, bride, flowers, people, everything! The sun was setting on the sound and it filled the evening with a golden glow. It was amazing!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

First Dance

I was lucky enough to photograph my friends wedding. These two fantastic people have been together since high school. When you are around them, it makes you want to smile. One of my favorite moments of the entire day was the first dance. The way the sun was setting and the music played, was nothing short of magical. 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Salty Air

The wind was cold in Port Townsend as it blew across the canal. The air smelled liked wet grass and dry salt.  It was a good day. In fact, it was a beautiful day. 

By the time a wedding is over, I have hundreds of photos on my camera. However, there are only a few selected ones that I fall in love with.  With this particular wedding, these three are my favorites.  

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Rain Drops Under The Lens

Seattle, the land of rain and coffee. The famous underground music scene that everyone seems to be aware of.  The land of thrift shops and teen spirit; the city I call home. This city seems to be gaining popularity despite it's epic rain fall and grey skies. The sleepless in Seattle city is quickly turning into the new tech town that once was silicone valley. 

I moved to this city ten years ago. I was 18 years old. Do your math. Yes, I am now 28.  As cliche as one could be, my first job in the city of java was working at a coffee stand. I could sling a cup a Joe like a professional. 

Enough of my earlier years in this wet cement jungle. Lets jump forward into the present day. I'm currently sitting on this ferry heading to shoot a wedding. During the summer, I take photos of folks on their special day. Yes, this is summer. Normally the sun would be shinning, especially since we are technically going through a drought. However, today it's raining. I'm sure the brides are loosing their minds. This wedding is suppose to be an outdoor one. Hopefully there is a backup plan. If not, the rain is actually quite beautiful under the lens.